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  • Refer Your Friends & Family to Participate

    Simply help us get the word out about Prism Clinical Research and we’ll give you $100 for every friend you refer that completes a study.

    It’s that easy! Make money with each referral, and there’s no limit to how many friends you can refer!


    • Subject must complete the study.
    • Subject may not be referred more than one time.
    • Subjects may not refer each other.
    • Subject must complete the study before payment can be received.
    • Subjects eligible for Referral: (1) Must not be in Prism Clinical Research database; (2) Must not have participated in any study at Prism.
    • In the event that a subject is referred by multiple people, the first person who referred will receive payment.
    • Eligibility will be determined by Prism. Prism reserves the right to revise or eliminate this program at any time without notice.



  • Diagnosed with Liver Impairment?

    Prism Research has upcoming studies for individuals diagnosed with liver impairment.  These studies will help determine how an investigational drug is broken down and removed from the body in volunteers with various degrees of liver impairment when compared to volunteers with normal liver function.


    If you or someone you know has been diagnosed with liver impairment and are interested in being considered for these studies, please contact Dayna at 651-724-5047 or register with our database and we will call you. Financial compensation for study participation ranges from $400-$3500.

     Contact Dayna 651-724-5047 or daynas@prismresearchinc.com

  • Study 1620: Male and Female Participants with Nasal Polyps

    Research Purpose: Study 1620 is designed to determine the safety and tolerability of an investigational drug being developed for the treatment of Chronic Rhinosinusitis with Nasal Polyps.

    *Must be diagnosed with Nasal Polyps to participate in this study*

    For information regarding this study contact Dayna 651-724-5047 or daynas@prismresearchinc.com

    Minimum Screening Qualifications:


    Men are allowed to participate


    Women may participate if they meet one of the following criteria: postmenopausal, hysterectomy and/or bilateral oophorectomy, medically confirmed ovarian failure, tubal ligation or bilateral salpingectomy.


    18-65 years

    Body Mass Index (BMI)

    Between 17.5 – 35.0 kg/m²

    Tobacco/Nicotine Use

    Must be willing to abstain from tobacco and/or nicotine containing products for 24 hours prior to dosing and during the clinic stay.

    Health History

    Must be healthy; with the exception of diagnosed nasal polyps and chronic rhinosinusitis.

    Restricted Medications

    All medications will be reviewed for inclusion prior to screening.


    Study Time Commitment: For participants who qualify based on screening evaluation, study participation will last for approximately 12 months.

    Clinic Stay

    • Participants will admit to Prism Clinical Research one-time for 2 overnights

    Clinic Visits

    • There are up to 13 follow-up clinical visits


    Compensation for participation time:   Up to $1,860                           

    For information regarding this study contact Dayna 651-724-5047 or daynas@prismresearchinc.com

  • Study 1613 Part 2: Healthy Female and Male Participants


    Study 1613 Part 2: Healthy Female and Male Participants


    Research Purpose: To evaluate the safety and tolerability of an investigational drug being developed for the treatment of peanut allergy.


    Minimum Screening Qualifications:


    Men are allowed to participate


    Women who are not breastfeeding, are not pregnant or planning to become pregnant are allowed to participate.  Women on hormonal birth control are allowed to participate provided they use an approved secondary method of birth control.


    18-45 years

    Weight/Body Mass Index (BMI)

    Weight between 88 – 198 lbs. for women and between 110 – 220 lbs. for men. 

    BMI between 18-30 kg/m²

    Tobacco/Nicotine Use

    No use of tobacco/nicotine containing products including electronic cigarettes more frequently than 5 cigarettes per day prior to the study is allowed.  No tobacco/nicotine use is permitted for the duration of the study.

    Health History

    Must be healthy; not being evaluated or treated for any medical conditions unless otherwise approved on a case by case basis by the study doctor.



    Study Time Commitment: For participants who qualify based on screening evaluation, study participation will last for approximately 8 weeks with 2 follow-up phone questionnaires 6 months apart.

    Clinic Stay

    • Participants will admit to Prism Clinical Research 1 time.
    • The in Clinic stay will last approximately 9 days (8 overnights)

    Outpatient Visits

    • There are 21 clinic visits following the discharge from the clinic.
    • End of study will be Day 35.
    • There will be 2 follow-up telephone questionnaires that will be performed approximately 6 months apart after completion of the clinic visits.


    Compensation for participation time: Up to $4695.00


    For information regarding this study contact Lindsay at 651-368-3360 or lindsayd@prismresearchinc.com

The Enrollment Process

Most people who are interested in volunteering for a clinical trial have many questions. This page is designed to answer the most common questions our recruitment team receives from volunteers. Please do not hesitate to contact a recruiter by phone or email if you would like additional information or have a question that is not addressed on this page. We want to ensure that you are well informed before you agree to volunteer for a trial and we are happy to answer any questions you might have.

Icon 35    Step 1: Phone Interview

Arrange a phone interview and one of our recruiters will determine if you are an eligible candidate. The Phone Screen is a conversation between you, as a potential volunteer, and a recruiter. It is the first required step in participating in a clinical trial. and you should set aside about 45 minutes to an hour. Your recruiter will ask you a series of general questions concerning your contact information, height and weight, age, race and personal health history. By collecting this information, your recruiter will determine if you might fit the criteria for any upcoming studies. Many of the phone screen questions can be answered online. [link to Clinical Conductor form] Doing so will notify our recruitment team that you are interested in studies, will register you for study updates and will also speed up the phone screen process. Once you complete your online portion, a recruiter will call you to complete the phone screen.

Once your information has been added into the database, either by you via download or by speaking with a recruiter, your recruiter will then discuss the details of any studies you might qualify for. The recruiter will explain the time commitment, specific dates, research purpose and compensation of the trials.

If you are interested in participating in a suggested trial, your recruiter must then make certain that you are not disqualified from that trial due to any exclusion criteria. You will be asked another series of questions that specifically relate to the study you are volunteering for. The exclusion criteria are established by the study sponsor in order to ensure the safety of volunteers and the accuracy of data collected.

Icon 13    Step 2: Informed Consent

Signing Informed Consent and undergoing your Physical Screen will happen during the same visit to our facility. Expect the visit to take approximately 2.5 hours. Volunteers are required to provide a photo ID at the time of the Physical Screen. If their photo ID does not list a current address, volunteers must provide additional documentation of their address such as a utility or cable bill. It is mandatory that all potential volunteers review the Informed Consent Form. This is regarded as the most important process in clinical trials. The Informed Consent Form is a document that details all aspects of the research study, the potential risks involved and what happens during the entire study. It is approved by an ethics and safety committee called the Institutional/Independent Review Board (IRB). No studyrelated procedures or requirements can begin until volunteers understand and sign the specific, studyrelated Informed Consent Form. 

Volunteers receive a copy of the Informed Consent Form. You will be required to sign the Informed Consent Form if you are interested in continuing the enrollment process. The Informed Consent Form does not legally obligate you to participate in the trial. It also does not guarantee you a position in the trial. It is a document designed to protect your rights as a volunteer; it confirms you have been given information concerning all aspects of the trial and that you understand what will take place during the trial.

We are committed to a transparent, trusting and open relationship with our volunteers. 

Icon 51    Step 3: Physical Screen

Each trial requires a different series of procedures as part of the Physical Screen. Common procedures include: blood draws, heart monitoring, vital signs, body measurements, urine samples, and drug tests.

You will meet with a doctor or Physician Assistant at the time of your Physical Screen. He or she will perform a brief physical examination and discuss your personal health history. Volunteers are strongly encouraged to ask him/her any questions you might have concerning the study. 

All trials require a minimum of one Physical Screen, however; some studies require multiple screening appointments. Some studies also require hearing or eye exams which take place at clinics working in conjunction with Prism. Your recruiter will outline the screening schedule at the time of your Phone Screen.

Once all of your lab work has been completed and reviewed, a Prism staff member will call to notify you of your enrollment status. If your lab results meet the requirements for the study, the staff member will confirm your enrollment and give you admit instructions.

Icon 40    Step 4: Your Study

Once your study has been scheduled, you can make preparations for your visit. Each study is different – some require a series of visits and keeping a home diary, some require you to remain at the clinic for several hours or days, depending on the drug and the effects being studied. You will have a clear and complete understanding of your study before you arrive. You will be informed about what to bring with you, where to report, and what will be necessary for a successful trial.

Our first priority is that you understand and are comfortable with our process every step of the way

Please provide us with your contact information (below) and will get back to you as soon as possible.

If you have a general question, check Volunteer FAQ for an answer. If you're unsure of who to contact, please visit the Contact Us page.